• Paper-proof

    Paper-proofs are absolutely free for the customer. Your design is printed on special paper with right colors which then will be used on your pre-made pouches. As computer monitors may show same colors differently it gives the customer a chance to check colors in real life.

  • 3D visualization

    Promote your product before even launching real product. You get real-life looking customized 3D package which you can use for marketing purposes for example on webpages, product catalogues, presentations.

  • Prototyping / Mockups

    Prototypes give you a chance to test the market for a product before launching it and ordering a bigger amount. Usually, up to 10 custom-made and printed bags are delivered ready for use at trade fairs and presentations. Additionally, enables to recheck package size suitability for your product.

  • Shelf life testing

    Depending on the type of product and the customer's preference, it is possible to conduct real-time as well as accelerated shelf-life tests for your food product. Shelf-life testing evaluate and document how long food products maintain their intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties.